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Quick, Easy and over a week of wear?

Love the look of Gel but the time and upkeep swaying your decision? Try Gel Polish, its thinner and lasts longer than a manicure. Comes in most of OPI's gorgeous colors and soaks off so you can start a fresh color everytime! Worried about cost? Its only $25.00 for color and $ 30.00 for french! How can you go wrong? Book soon to try it out! We know you'll get hooked and keep coming back for more!! :)

Newest Trendz!

Well, as everyone that knows us knows we love to stay up to date at the spa. We love all the new trendz the celebs are sporting now, and of course as always you know you can stop by and get it straight from us!!! :)  The latest hair now is Ombre hair color which looks fantastic on brunettes and blondes and involves gradual progression of varying hair color starting at the root as the darkest and ends being the lightest!! It blends perfectly so it looks like its supposed to be that way! Judy will definitly be sporting this look very soon and I will have it when I go back to blonde in the fall!!! Also hair feathers havent completely left the system yet, and they are a great way to add a pop of color to your hair without having to color or bleach to get it! Of course Judy's got the newest polishes from opi (btw I'm sporting two colors from the new york ballet collection LOVE!!) shes been making the opi gel color super popular lately with all the clients so if u havent tried it get ur butt in and give it a go! its great because its thin like polish but goes on like gel and lasts around 2 weeks when u soak it off and start again!! its fantastic!  she also has the new trend "nail foil" which is a super flashy, blind in the sun, nail accesory! its exactly how it sounds with a wide range of colors to choose from and adds a flashy look to your manicure or gel !!! we are going to be headed this weekend to the brides by the bay wedding show, can't wait! our first trade show! We will be booking lots of 2013 weddings I'm sure so keeping busy busy!!!!   :) 

Holiday Season

ChristmasSeasonis on its way!!
Just a reminder to people to pre-book your holiday appointments! It is a busy time of year, so don't get stuck waiting on the cancellation list.
Trying to plan a special get together with your friends over the holiday break? Why not book aGirls Night Out spa party!! Enjoy friends,appetizers,beverages,and pampering.
We can also host christmasstaffparties! We have a large space to accomodate.
Tiffany is getting booked up so make sure you book your hair appointments so you are set for the holidays!

Salon Practice

 I've just been inspired from reading Tabatha Coffey's book and altho i was a fan before I am a much larger fan now. She tells it like it is because she can. I tell it like it is as much as possible and to a point, but I dont have enough years under my belt  to really give an opinion and have it taken without offence :) 
To my point of writing this note. IT REALLY drives me crazy to hear the experiences some of my clients have had at other salons. Its ridiculous the treatment they receive when they are the paying customer!

eyelash extensions

*** Luxe Day Spa & Salon will not -at this time- offer eyelash extensions. I have completed the course, but still have to get practise in ..and due to business demands I have not been able to put as much time into as I would like. I am not comfortable offering this service until I am 110% at ease with doing this procedure. Thank you .

October "Pink" Special

Think Pink this October!! 

Book any of the following services with "pink" and receive 10% off that service...

-"Pink" Luxe Manicure  (Luxe manicure with pink polish)
-"Pink" Luxe Pedicure   (Luxe pedicure with pink polish) 
-"Pink" Cut & Blow Dry with either a Pink Hair Feather, Pink Foil or Pink Tinsel 
or just 
-"Pink" Hair Feathers or Tinsel  
-"Pink" Foils 

October is Breast Cancer awareness month.

Keratin Hair Treament

Coming this October to Luxe Spa I will be offer an organic Keratin Hair Restoration Treament. It infuses Keratin into your hair to make it shiny, and manageable. Perfect for clients with frizzy, dry hair, looking for answers to tame their "beasts" :)  Results can last 8-12 weeks, as long as you use some of the aftercare products or come in for a touch up treatment after 10-15 days. This is not a straightner, so your hair will not remain straight after the treatment is done, it will however be more manageable, taking less time to straighten & dry!  

summer glow

Summer is fading, but that doesn't mean your tan has to go with it! Stop into Luxe Day Spa & Salon and get a SPRAY TANto help keep that summer glow all year round!! Coose from a variety of sifferent shades. There are shades to match all skin types and tones.
Having a bad day or just feeling "ick" SPRAY TANS are also a great pick me up! Its amazing how a little color can perk your day up and make you feel better :)
Just becareful because it's addictive!
**Luxe Day Spa & Salon uses an organic tanning line . Nose filters are available upon request for women who wish to be sprayed while pregnant or who have health concerns.

Retail products available!

Don't forget to come in and check out our retail lines.
We have all yourhair care necessitiesfrom  professional flat irons & dryers to BedHead shampoos & conditioners.We also have a wide range of styling products available... If you live in town ( or at the pool) and have a problem with "green" hair fromchlorine build up- pick up a treatment pack to help banish that unwanted hue!!  
Check out our retail body care line byBelle Lucce. It is a natural based line so it smells delicious and is healthy for your skin.

Wedding Parties

This week was very busy at Luxe Day Spa & Salon. We had 2 wedding parties in ! Wedding parties are always a great idea to get you ready for the"BIG"day. Create a relaxing day or evening with all of your wedding party while you come in and get pedis/manis/tans/gel nails done. Enjoy a glass of wine, music,good company and snacks( if your really hungry the greasy spoon is across the street and pizza delight is down the road! ). Late evening hours are available for wedding parties upon special request.
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